About Us

Sharing this space with like-minded people who are interested in connecting with themselves and others around. Calisthenics requires us to be mindful. Every step, Every move. It itself becomes meditation.

Strength Gains can be experienced within a week and it becomes a positive reference to keep progressing. Calisthenics had been close to our hearts. It gives us a sense of purpose. It became a medium for healing.

Sabar as it grew, grew the seed of faith in us, a seed of patience, resilience, and consistency. To show up no matter what 

To do what we believe in, no matter what 


SABAR – Life taught us to keep patience. The best things in our life came by keeping Patience. Just like this Space blossoming through the thorns. Sabar is a safe haven for us. The journey inside and outside. It healed us, taught us , nurtured us.

We are here to start your fitness journey patiently. Right from the very first step , from the very first progression, till the elite level performance. From a teenager to an elderly. We welcome all age groups to experience their health getting better holistically. Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Conditioning , Agility , Discipline and a Healthy Mindset are the pimary goals for us.

Our Mission

  • Foster a mindful approach to fitness: To guide you to connect with your body, transforming movement into meditation.
  • Cultivate patience and resilience: We celebrate small victories and encourage consistent effort, knowing that true growth unfolds over time.
  • Build a supportive community: Sabar is your safe haven for connection, where you can be inspired and supported on your fitness journey.
  • Embrace lifelong movement: We welcome all ages and abilities, fostering a love for movement that can last a lifetime.
  • Nurture holistic well-being: We go beyond physical strength, promoting mobility, flexibility, agility, and a healthy mindset.